My family’s never been one for traditions.

My parents were both raised Roman Catholic, and as a result of the lovely time they had, they decided to raise their own children without any religion. Also, they got married in street clothes. Those two things aren’t necessarily related, but they’re a part of my history, and your history rubs off on you, so they’re what I associate with the following:

Don't they look thrilled?
Don’t they look thrilled?

The fact that I never participated in Girl Guides, Brownies, or any other “team-building-RAH-RAH” groups as a child. To this day, they kind of weird me out. I’m not much of a team participant/joiner. I’m not saying these groups are bad, but I am saying you’re probably more inclined to join a cult if you’ve ever been part of one.

Dances, ugh.
Dances, ugh.

The fact that I never really went to school dances. I went to one in junior high, and since I was a metal head, I was dissatisfied with the playlist.* So I pouted. And felt like a huge outcast. And then I never went to another school dance again.

That quintessential moment...
That quintessential moment…

The fact that I skipped my university convocation to work instead. I had no desire to wear a robe that would make me look 50 pounds heavier and a hat that would wreck my hair, only to sit and wait for my name to be called along with hundreds of other numbers students.

‘Cos that would be boring, right?

I’ve also never been to church, I’ve never been camping, and my family never does anything major on holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving.** We celebrate Christmas, but we’re pretty low key about it.

Over the years, I’ve also become pretty anti-New Year’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole fresh start thing that comes with the New Year. I even set resolutions sometimes (I achieved all of my 2012 resolutions, NBD). But when it comes to celebrating, I’m just not that into it.*** It’s always hyped up to be the biggest night of the year, and in my experience, everything always goes wrong. Things get too expensive, or friends flake out, or parties just turn out to be lame and disappointing.

The last super awesome New Year’s I had was when my mom came to visit me in the UK and we travelled to Belgium to ring in 2010. We saw fireworks from less than a block away in the middle of Brussels with thousands of other people. It was brilliant. (Except for this one annoying woman in front of us who kept backing up and hitting EVERYONE with her backpack. Maybe it was a man? I can’t remember. All I remember is wanting to grab them by the backpack and throw them away somewhere.)

Wait…that was my only awesome New Year’s.

I suppose I could try again, but I’m actually happy to stay in, curl up in a blanket, and watch movies with my dogs. Plus, if I went out and left them at home, I’d have no one to kiss at midnight, so…

I’ve embraced being unconventional.

2012 has been a HUGE roller coaster, but overall, it’s been incredible. Here’s to a great 2013, y’all.


P.S. I’m going to be single for the rest of time.

*Also, no one wanted to dance with me. Pity party for one, right here.

**Except maybe – maybe – eat something special, and since we’re vegetarians, you know it isn’t anything good.

***Same with Valentine’s Day. Wait, maybe I’m just a bitter singleton.****

****I’m being sarcastic, guys. (Mostly.) (Sort of.) (A bit.) (Not at all…) (What were we talking about?)