The first thing you need to know is that when I travelled to the UK and Ireland in 2006, I had a travel blog. I don’t remember the URL, and I’m kind of okay with that*, but I had more readers than I thought. After I got home – and while I was still away – I had lots of random people and family friends sending me emails and messages about my blog. It was kind of exciting to know that people were finding it interesting and funny. So there’s that.

The second thing you need to know is that I like to make fish faces. You know the ones.


I decided to browse through some of my Facebook photos in order to find a few examples of my fish face, and in searching, I realized I should probably stop doing the face, because…


I do it a lot.

Due to my penchant for fish faces, I took to calling myself a Kissing Gourami. Do you know those fish? They look like this:

Kissy Fishy.
Kissy Fishy.

So there’s that.

Okay, so I have this blog – meaning my 2006 travel blog – and I must have made a comment about being a Kissing Gourami or something (can’t remember the exact details), because one day, I get a new comment on my blog. It says something like, “Hey, we are huge fans of your blog and your poetic words. We’re writing a song about you.”**

I thought it was my friend Meredith playing a prank on me. So I giggled and then I ignored it and went back to my life as an English student at university and a box office manager at a local theatre.

But a few days or a week later, I got another new comment on my blog, this one directing me to a website to listen to the song that had been written about me.


And sure enough, there it was. (You’ve gotta click on the song name and then click on it again to hear it…sorry it’s confusing.)


“Kissing Gourami”

(That’s the song link, right under the band photo…)

As it turns out, it wasn’t my friend Meredith playing a prank on me, but a band from Belgium called Kissing Gourami who had actually written a song about my life (also called “Kissing Gourami”), inspired by my blog posts.

I was totally floored.

And confused.

And kind of spooked.

And very flattered.

(And a little bit on cloud nine, if I’m honest…)


And then I made everyone I know listen to the song, including everyone at work, my friends who are referenced in the lyrics, etc., etc.

It’s a good song! I love it!

I still forget this happened sometimes. And then I go, “Oh yeah! A band I’ve never met wrote a song about me that time!” and I smile and feel cool.

Lesson learned: Crazy cool shit happens sometimes. It’s crazy and cool.


P.S. Through comments that led to conversations, Kissing Gourami later wrote songs about a couple of my other friends, too.

*But if you happen to come across it, don’t just sit there and make fun of me, post a flipping comment and let me know.

**Wish I still had the original comment.