I got picked on and bullied a lot in school. As I’ve mentioned before, I was a fat goth kid who lusted after boys in makeup. It was a rough combination. But whatever. The point is that in grade eight, the bullying got so bad that I ended up leaving my junior high for home schooling.*

In some ways this was a rough transition for me. I obviously had no friends left at school, and I was home schooling on my own, so from grade nine to grade 12, I essentially had no real friends, and a lot of Internet friends (some of whom became real friends – what up, Meredith?)

So yeah, I spent a lot of time on the Internet. I was a huge, huge music fan at the time, and a huge fan girl, so I spent a lot of my Internet time on message boards for bands I liked.

And then one day, I made my message board habit work wonders for my grades.

I had to write a paper for my Language Arts course, and since I was a huge metal head who believed that metal was the only music I would ever love and I was so misunderstood and I was an individual, etc., etc., etc., I decided to write my paper about censorship in music. And I thought hey, how cool would it be if I could interview somebody really important for my paper?

So I turned to the one message board I was a member of where the band actually talked to their fans like normal people: Stone Sour.

SIDENOTE: I actually cannot remember right now if it was Stone Sour’s message board or Slipknot’s message board. What I do remember is this: Stone Sour had not yet released an album (well, they had previously, but not since Slipknot had become popular) so nobody knew who they were yet. I knew who they were because I was a Slipknot superfan.


Corey Taylor was always on the message board, chatting with fans and generally being cool and nice to people. So I thought what the hell? And I wrote him a private message, asking if he’d be up for an interview about censorship.

He responded quickly and kindly and told me to shoot him whatever questions I wanted answered.

Then I almost peed myself.

Corey Taylor was willing to talk to me!


So I thought up my best questions, and I sent them away. And you know what? Corey Taylor responded with long, carefully thought out and worded answers.**

All for little 16-year-old me to use in a paper that would never be seen by anyone but my Language Arts teacher, who probably had NO idea who Slipknot was/is.

Lesson learned: Ask and you shall receive. / You won’t know if you don’t try. / It never hurts to ask.



**I know I’m often very sarcastic on my blog, and that I like to make fun of my days as a goth teenager, but I have to say, I really do give mad props to Corey Taylor for being cool enough to answer my dumb kid questions with genuine regard for my assignment. I hope he’s still just as cool to his fans, especially the loser teen ones who need the reassurance.***

***Also, Corey Taylor, it seems, now looks like this:


So maybe I can find a way to use this story to get into his pants somehow. Just saying. (Sorry, Mom.)