The other day*, I walked into one of the gym locations I frequent, and I noticed that the frosted glass wall from the second floor – which is visible from the main floor – was gone. In its place were rows of yellow ‘CAUTION’ tape. My heart started to pound.

“Where do you think it went?” I asked my friend.

She shrugged. “Maybe they’re expanding or something.”

“What if somebody got in a fight and they got thrown THROUGH THE WALL?!”

“Oh gosh, I don’t know about that.” Said my friend, being overly nice.

“Or maybe somebody threw a weight and SHATTERED THE WALL!”

“I don’t know…”

Turns out they just decided to replace the frosted glass with normal, clear glass.


CUT TO: I went to hang out with one of my friends at her place last night. She lives in what is called a crescent, but when I hear the word ‘crescent,’ I think of a street within a neighbourhood, and really, her crescent is her neighbourhood because it’s out in the country.

SIDENOTE: People who actually live in the country might think I’m an idiot for calling the area my friend lives in ‘the country.’ I’m really not sure. To me, it’s the country. There are no streetlights.

I got totally lost trying to get there. (Remember what I said about the suburbs?) It was snowing and it was pitch black (at 5:30pm) because I live in the prairies and it’s the wintertime and there were no streetlights and the roads were bumpy and slippery and I panicked a bit. I had to pull over twice to call and/or text my friend for directions/reassurance. The second time I pulled over, it was on a street that had a “NO EXIT” sign on it. I turned in and couldn’t see too far down the road because of the snow and the dark.

And that’s when it hit me.

My imagination.

All of a sudden, the situation seemed ominous. I imagined the low-lying tree branches shifting just a bit too much and something emerging from the woods, like a bear or a SASQUATCH.

My heart rate went up and I got the hell out of there.

After about a 30-minute delay, I got to my friend’s house. We had fun hanging out, she’s awesome, I love her, etc., etc. Then it was time to leave.

Even though it was already dark when I was driving over, it was even darker when I left. And again with the no streetlights! Guys, it’s eerie as hell! I scurried to my car and jumped in. My friend’s driveway is a driveway and then right next to that is basically forest. As I selected the music I would listen to on my drive home (Macklemore, because that’s all I’ve been listening to for the last two weeks straight), I instinctively slammed my hand down to lock the doors of my car. What if some crazed, chainsaw-wielding psycho just came running at my car from the woods? What if I didn’t even notice him coming at me until he slammed his body into the vehicle, or slapped his two, bloody hands down onto my windshield?!

I freaked out all the way home.

Also, I worried about hitting a deer or a rabbit or something.


(A) My imagination is sometimes too big for me to manage.**

(B) I think I’m definitely probably most likely a city girl. Visiting quiet, dark places is awesome, but my heart can’t handle it. Give me drunk people singing outside my building any night.***


P.S. A homeless man once attacked my vehicle while I was at a red light. He stood on the edge of the sidewalk and started slamming his hands down on the roof of my car. I screamed, drove away, and then worried for two days that I had somehow run the guy over and was now a murderer on the lam. So there’s that.

*I mean last week, not 17 years ago or something.

**And I think I mostly prefer it that way.

***Shout out to Glasgow! ❤