It’s been a rough couple weeks.

Not rough like I’m really sad and depressed or anything, but rough like there’s way too much on my plate and in my head and I’m starting to feel so over saturated with info/thoughts/mental to-do lists that I perpetually feel like I need a nap.

I started a new job, which rocks, but it started a lot earlier than I thought it would, while I was (and still am) juggling a couple of freelance contracts too large to fit into my other 20 hours a week. The new job is also at a very official building, with a lot* of paperwork required of me in order to get full security clearance. Like, I even have to get paperwork from Scotland because I lived there. It’s insane. And insanely time-consuming. On top of that, I’m dealing with rentals, marketing, preparations, etc. for a new round of Zumba® classes in January, and studying/preparing for my FIS exam and observation, also in January. And I have a 365-day blog I’m freakishly committed to.

How fucking meta is this?
How fucking meta is this?


That’s basically just what you need to know to find me where I am right now. It’s 11:55pm on Monday night, and I should be in bed because I have to be up early tomorrow for the new job, but I’m trying to write my blog post because I have to be up early tomorrow for the new job and I won’t have time to write in the morning.

But my mind is blank.

Yeah, I have a list of ideas stored on my iPhone that I’m constantly adding to, but it’s getting me nowhere.

I have been trying to write this post since 10pm. If you’re really shitty at math, that means just about two hours. I have started five different drafts.

But my mind is blank.

Here are some things I thought of writing about:

  • ET (The Extraterrestrial)
  • My dogs’ super rank farts
  • Being “stuck” in my hometown
  • How weird it is that I have three BFFs and they don’t know each other
  • How dumb I am for not discovering Macklemore’s sheer genius a long time ago
  • Living in debt
  • The new game show called “Take it All”
  • Competitions
  • Decadence

SIDENOTE: I’m probably gonna write about all of these things eventually, so act surprised when I do, okay?**

But my mind is BLANK.

So I freaked out for a bit and wondered what the fuck I was going to do and then it hit me.

This blog is a huge part of my life.

Like, sometimes I even leave events early or don’t go out at all because I know I need to get a post done and it’s important to me.

So naturally, the process of writing this blog is a huge part of my life.

So naturally it’s also teaching me things.

Like it means a lot more to me than I originally thought it would that I see this project all the way through to the “end.”

And that some nights, you just don’t have it. And that’s okay.

Because I’m human.


P.S. Please feel free to vote on which of those ideas you want to read most. Leave a comment. I’m genuinely curious!


**I promise the posts will be more interesting than the < sentence-long descriptions.