I’ve recently been doing a bit of a “past boyfriends, flings, and crushes” assessment, as you do when you’re writing a 365-day blog about your life, and in doing so, I realized something about myself: I don’t have a type.

Some of my friends have their type of guy down to a science. Like, tall and blonde, blue eyes are a must. Or tall, but not skinny, tattoos are a must. Or tall’s not important as long as he’s not shorter than I am, and no blonde hair. Or whatever.

But I don’t really have a physical type that I go for more than any other. What I’m most attracted to are certain personality traits. So since it’s Sunday and I imagine you all reading this while enveloped in a luxurious bathrobe, sitting at your dining room table with a glass or orange juice, a cup of black coffee, and a delicious looking bowl of cereal, the sun shining through a floor to ceiling window, I thought what better thing to give you on such a glorious imaginary morning than a lot of attractive men to look at?

(Sorry if you’re a dude and you’re reading this and you’re so straight that you don’t find any other men attractive. No, really. I feel sorry for you. Expand your horizons a bit.)

So with that, I give you: A List of Attractive Personalities, by Andrea Beça (With Photographic Examples)

Personality Trait: Smart

Example: Ryan Gosling

What with all his feminism and charity work and all that.

Personality Trait: Fucking Hilarious

Example: Rob Delaney

And he’s cuddling a pussy. So fitting.

Personality Trait: Weird

Example: Danny Pudi

Quirky to the max = amazing.

Personality Trait: Nerdy

Example: Nathan Fillion

It looks good on him.

Personality Trait: Writing Talent

Example: BJ Novak

If you don’t know who he is, we can’t be friends.

Personality Trait: A Sexy Accent

Example: Blake Shelton

He says “y’all” without even thinking about it.

Personality Trait: Scottish

Example: Ewan McGregor


Personality Trait: Idris Elba

Example: Idris Elba

What do you mean “that’s not a personality trait”?

And then sometimes, there’s just lust.

Like I’d write this post without Adam Levine.

Wait, I think I lost track of what I was saying.

Oh…but I still totally made my point.

You’re welcome. Happy Sunday.


P.S. One day TMZ will dig this shit up and make my life awkward.*

*Just kidding. My life is always awkward.