commitment |kəˈmitmənt|
1 the act of committing or the state of being committed.
• dedication; application: the company’s commitment to quality.
• a pledge or undertaking: I cannot make such a commitment at the moment.
• an act of pledging or setting aside something: there must be a major commitment of money and time.
2 (usu. commitments) an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action: business commitments | young people delay major commitments including marriage and children.


phobia |ˈfōbēə|
an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something: he had a phobia about being under water | a phobia of germs | a snake phobia.
phobic |ˈfōbik| adjective & noun
ORIGIN late 18th cent.: independent usage of -phobia.
combining form
extreme or irrational fear or dislike of a specified thing or group: arachnophobia | Russophobia.
ORIGIN via Latin from Greek.

Here are some (this is not an exhaustive list) of the things I am too phobic to commit to:

  • Hair Colour (Because what if I want a different colour in a week?)
  • Nail Polish (Because what if I want a different colour in a day?)
  • TV Shows (I cannot watch something on TV every week, with very few exceptions.)
  • Ideas (Like when I’m writing, about halfway through just about anything.)*
  • Names (Again, this is a writing thing, but if I had a baby, I bet I’d want to change its name every other day.)
  • Marriage (Okay, so I’ve never been proposed to, but the thought is TERRIFYING.)
  • Jobs (Sometimes I see a job posting, think it looks amazing, apply, get an interview, and then freak out at the thought of having to go to the same job every day.)

Here are some things I am surprisingly not too phobic to commit to:

  • Haircuts (Just chop it off/do it, I say! It’ll grow back! Whatever!)
  • This Blog (Still wondering how this happened, but here I am.)
  • Working Out (Still hilarious when I consider my life a year ago. But now? 6-8 times a week.)
  • The Sims (I don’t currently have a game going, but when I do? Look the fuck out. In fact, I deleted the game off my iPhone because I was too committed to it…)

What has this taught me?

Choose your battles. I have a series of priorities that are crazy important to me right now, and it’s totally cool with me that marriage (as an example) isn’t one of them. (It’s totally cool with me if marriage is never one of them!) In a year, those priorities may change drastically.** My last year has been a prime example of just how quickly and significantly life can change in 12 months.

Just don’t ask me to commit to that opinion, all right? Because in addition to being a commitment-phobe, I am also a Libra, and we don’t make decisions.


P.S. While I think commitment is pretty scary, you know what I love?


*I’ll even question this post and take a few minutes to decide if I want to keep going with it or abandon it and start something new.

**Like when Adam Levine realizes I exist and asks me to be the Anastasia Steele to his Christian Grey and I’m all like, “SIGN ME UP!” and forget about anything else I’ve ever wanted out of life.***

***I’m not actually obsessed with Adam Levine, guys, but I can appreciate how easy it would be to get to that point.