I learned something very important this Halloween, and I didn’t even really go out and celebrate (sad, because I love Halloween; next year ALL OUT), and I didn’t even really learn it on Halloween, but some time a few days after.

It was some day when I was sifting through various articles on Halloween costumes – best dressed, worst dressed, pet costumes, celeb costumes, family costumes, whatever. And then it struck me.



Does not make me nearly as happy (nay, squeaky and ecstatic) as this:


So clearly, gay people have some sort of special, magical gene in their bodies that makes them WAY COOLER than us. And that makes me really happy, even if it means I’m slightly less cool than I thought.*

Also, they’re way better at costumes, because duh.


*We all know I was never that cool to start with. No harm, no foul.