I’m kind of weird about taking risks.

Some risks I’m happy to take with wild abandon, like moving to a country halfway around the world where I know ONE WHOLE PERSON, and travelling around Europe by myself. Or deciding to be a one-woman production company at the age of 19 and writing, directing, and producing my first play without having any previous experience (and it went well!). In hindsight, those things both seem pretty major, but at the time, I was so ready to take that leap of faith.

But then there’s little things I find myself too scared to do, like join a roller derby team, because what if I fall and break my already delicate tailbone/spine (or rather, what if I break my already delicate tailbone/spine WHEN I fall)? Or skydiving? Hell-to-the-NO. Or going into one of those tents at the fair where the butterflies are all loose and they fly around you and land on you? I feel like I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it!

Natural disasters are another risk I find myself constantly thinking about. I’d love to live in California, but then I think about the earthquakes and I panic a little bit.* And when I watch the news and see storms like Katrina and Sandy, I just can’t wrap my head around it. How can you be brave enough to live in a place where something like that is even a risk? (I know it’s not like it happens every day, but you know what I mean.) And how are people so incredible that they stay put, weather the storm, and rebuild afterward? I’m a total prairie girl in that respect – I have mad admiration for people who go through this stuff semi-frequently and don’t have a nervous breakdown.


In short, over the last week I’ve learned that people really are quite exceptional, and I’m keeping the East Coast and Caribbean in my thoughts as they recover and rebuild from Sandy. And you should, too. Throw a few bucks at them here or here, would you?


*I plan to live in California one day anyway, but you’ll find me under the kitchen table (is that what you do?) crying like a small child at the first tiny tremor I feel, just FYI.