Okay, SRSLY.

Here’s one for the what-am-I-thinking-on-a-day-to-day-basis-and-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-me-sometimes?! top 10.

So I know I mentioned I’m a Zumba® instructor. Well, every other month we get DVDs of choreography sent to us, either to straight-up use in our classes or just to use as inspiration. So I watched the latest installment, and while I loved the songs, I wasn’t crazy about much of the choreo, and to top things off, there was this one instructor on it whom I found exhausting to watch.

She has what I call a hair-flip-twitch. I know because I used to have one. See, when I was really little – like, pre-grade 2 when I decided to make rash decisions about my hair for the rest of my life – I had long hair. Really long. And because it was long, it was always in the way, and because it was always in the way, I was always flipping it out of the way. Left side flip, then right side flip. CONSTANTLY.

(Then I saw a home video of myself at some school friend’s birthday party, and I literally said, “what am I doing?” and my mum pointed out that I flipped my hair CONSTANTLY, and from that point on I felt weird about it.*)

Anyway, so I’m with a friend and we’re talking about the DVD after her class, and I’m being all bitchy and making fun of this girl’s hair-flip-twitch, and I decide to reenact it a couple times, just to demonstrate how annoying I find it, because apparently I think I’m the perfect queen of the world. Haha, so funny. I make fun of people – hilarious, right?!

WRONG AGAIN. Woke up the next morning feeling like a 100-year-old IDIOT, because I gave myself total whiplash! Guys, that was Friday. It’s Monday and I’m still totally seized up and in pain!

And THAT, my friends, is KARMA.


*But didn’t stop, because you JUST CAN’T.