I’ve had very few issues with my skin in my life, which I feel lucky to be able to say. I went through the whole teenage hormonal thing, but for the most part, it’s been minor. I’ve always been super oily, but it’s never led to many crazy breakouts. Plus, it keeps the wrinkles away, so YAY OIL!

Until the last few months. I think it may be because I’m working out so much and sweating a lot more on a daily basis. On one hand, the fitter I get, the less over-oily my skin seems to be (as in, it’s still oily, but I’m not like, HOLYSHITSHINY every five minutes), but on the other hand, I keep breaking out. I’m not as smooth and clear as usual, and it’s been driving me crazy.

First world problems, I know, I know. If you can’t tell yet, this post will be categorized under “beauty,” among other things, so stop reading if you don’t want to hear about the revelation I had about my skin.

Anyway, so I started trying to deduce why this was happening. Yes, sweat, for sure, but the sweat would never stay on my skin for a long time. I finish my workout/teaching my class, get home within the hour, and wash my face/shower. Sometimes if I know I’ll be chatting or making a quick stop before home, I’ll even use one of those disposable face cleaning cloths.

So then I realized that maybe the opposite was true. Maybe my ultimate problem is that I was washing my face too much and that’s what was causing the breakouts. Oily skin can be tricky like that: it seems like it’s still oily, but you get dry patches that become problem skin.

This brought me to an issue that has been troubling me my entire life: moisturizer.

As an oily-faced gal, I have basically never moisturized my face. In addition to making me break out because of all the added oil (even oil-free creams do this) on my face, I have super sensitive skin and am often allergic to the moisturizer, too. So moisturizer = bad skin. That’s always been my rule.

But then I flip through beauty magazines and read beauty blogs and have my makeup done for weddings and all I hear is: oily or not, you must moisturize your face if you want to keep it young and beautiful.

Okay, okay, okay. I would very much like to stay looking as young as possible for as long as possible, so every time I read/hear shit like that, I get scared into thinking that I, too, must moisturize my face.

So that’s what I did again, recently, when I started breaking out. I decided that despite seeming fine, my face was probably too dry from too much washing and sweating and washing again, and I vowed to find a perfect moisturizer.

Cut to: earlier this week, I’ve been playing this moisturizer game for probably between three and five months on and off. I’ve had about two short (like, three days short) phases of perfect skin, but mostly I’ve been breaking out and unhappy. I tried to take extra care of my face, use gentle exfoliants, make a big to-do out of my nightly skincare routine: wash with only-the-best, tone, and MOISTURIZE.

Nothing has worked. It kept getting worse. I kept getting angrier, more self-conscious, and more tedious about my skincare.

And then I said FUCK IT!

I don’t care if magazines and blogs say EVERYONE has to moisturize, because I DON’T, ALL RIGHT?! Maybe once in a while, when I actually feel dry (see: three times a year), but not every day, surely!

So I stopped. I went back to my old skincare routine: wash, tone, and LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE.

That was last night, and I shit you not, kids, my skin is already clearer today.



P.S. Are you oily? Tell me about it. Seriously!