When I decided to get dogs, I always said that I would never be one of those people who dresses their dog up for fun. I knew I was getting a temperature-sensitive breed – the Boston Terrier – so I stressed to family and friends that any clothing in my house would be strictly weather-related. (Also I live in Canada. It’s cold here 13 months of the year.*)

Then I met my dogs and this happened:

Pac Man and Lobster Head.
Matchy Matchy.
They’re just SO CUTE.
I mean SRSLY!
This shouldn’t be legal.
Clothing as a birthday present. They just want snacks.
A “summer dress.”
The “look what mama bought you in Vancouver!”
Basically, I just need help.

I’d love to say that I black out when I get to the store and wake up with new puppy clothing in my possession, but the truth is I often bee-line to the clothing section to see what they have that would look cute on Oscar and Lucy. (And I mean, come on, clearly I have the CUTEST DOGS IN THE WORLD – what wouldn’t?!) I have a problem.

But I would like to disclaim partial responsibility based on the fact that I have an enabler: my mother, A.K.A. “gramma.” She goes places and returns with sweaters and t-shirts for my dogs and not a single gift for me! So let’s talk about how awful that is, right?!

So what I’m trying to say is, NEVER SAY NEVER.

And also, spoil your dogs. They love you unconditionally, make your life better, lower your blood pressure, and they’re fucking adorable. Why not make their lives awesome too?


*This is a stereotype most of the time except never.