I was pretty nervous to turn 25.

It’s a weird thing to hit a milestone age and be nowhere near where you thought you’d be in life (even though it’s all relative, blah blah) when you hit it. 24 to 25 had been a really rough year and I was feeling defeated, discouraged, and down.

In a lot of ways, 25 to 26 has been just as hard, if not harder than the year before, and despite feeling like I’ve gotten ahead in a lot of aspects of my life, I couldn’t help but feel a little anxious about turning 26. I mean, 26 – it’s past the halfway point. It’s putting me into my later mid-20s. Something about it feels so…grown up. I wondered, should I feel grown up? Should I know what feeling grown up would even feel like?

About a month ago, everything changed. I stumbled across a piece of knowledge that somehow helped me shed my inhibitions, my worries, my fears. I can’t fully explain it, but I can tell you it did make me cry a little (yeah, this is gonna be one of those kinds of blogs, deal):

Jayne Mansfield had stretchmarks.

Jayne Mansfield, the American actress, singer, Playboy playmate, and all around drop-dead gorgeous bombshell, was flawed in a way that has been the root of much of my self-consciousness for all of my teenage and adult life.

Guys, I know, I know, everyone’s flawed. I get it. I always have. But I didn’t really get it until the very moment I saw this photo:

My Epiphany


And then I thought, hey, maybe this is growing up – I’m learning things every day and I’m getting them.

So, welcome to the first of what will be 365 lessons I’ve learned/I will learn as a full year comes and goes. This will be a huge hurdle for my intense commitment phobia, but I am determined to do it.

Here’s hoping for an interesting and eventful 26 to 27, y’all. Happy Birthday to Me.